Nevobo in Senegal

Nevobo in Senegal

Strengthening the (beach)volleyball infrastructure in Senegal

The potential of (beach)volleyball in Senegal is big: the young people are tall and strong and the country has a variety of beautiful beaches. And with the first official Olympic event ahead, the Youth Olympic Games 2026, there is a momentum to invest in the development of the sport.

Together with NOC*NSF the Nevobo has initiated the 2-year (2020 and 2021) project World2Win: a collaboration of several volleyball federations and NOC’s that aim to strengthen the (beach)volleyball infrastructure in Senegal as well as to build a sustainable network of knowledge and expertise.

We work on four themes:

  1. Management Development is done by the organisations involved in the project on different topics such as volunteer management, creating sustainable organisations, event management and more.
  2. With our Technical Development activities, we aim to strengthen the federations programme and teams.
  3. The Grassroots Development such as School Tournaments and Back2School (high performance athletes give clinics at their former school) contribute to the inspiration and motivation of young kids to start playing volleyball.
  4. Girls Empowerment will be done by the Volleyball4Life programme.


World2Win offers us the possibility to collaborate with organisations from different cultures, with a variety of expertise: technical, political and educational. All partners contribute from there perspectives and backgrounds, which leads to understanding, knowledge and co-ownership.

World2Win is a consortium of 7 organizations:

  • Dutch National Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF)
  • Dutch Volleyball Federation (Nevobo)
  • Senegal National Olympic & Sports Committee (CNOSS)
  • Fédération Sénégalaise de volley-ball
  • Fédération Française de volley
  • VolleyVlaanderen

Nevobo and NOC*NSF have carefully structured the World2Win programme, which has been recognized and therefore co-funded by the European Union and the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB). World2Win cooperates with the City of Dakar and the Dutch Embassy in Senegal.

One year in the project

Want to know more about the developments that the project has deliverd? Read our newsletter 'World2Win newsletter May 2021'.

In January 2022 the Dutch Volleyball Federation educated 12 coaches and 12 girls in the Volleyball4Life Coaches Course. Read or download the full report in English or French and read this article (in Dutch) Nevobo | V4L draagt bij aan ontwikkeling life skills.

More information

For more information about World2Win, please visit our website and Facebook page or contact Sport Development Manager Peter van Tarel (+31 6 239 091 37) or email to: