Nevobo in Nepal

Nevobo in Nepal

NVA and Nevobo have formed a long-term partnership to advance volleyball in Nepal.

Volleyball is declared the national sport of Nepal. Differently than other sports, people play it all over the country. Even in the mystical area of the Himalayan, volleyball is popular at the highest altitudes.

The Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) and Nevobo have agreed on a long-term cooperation to develop volleyball in Nepal. Since 2017 we work closely together to assure coaching support, management support and grassroots development. Our goal is to establish strong national teams that can compete on Asian level, to increase the number of educated coaches, and to grow the number of volleyball participants and tournaments nationwide.

At the FIVB World Congress in 2018 the unique cooperation between Netherlands and Nepal have been highlighted by showing the video below.

National teams

Since 2017 we have focused on strengthening the Nepali Men’s Team through coaching support and educational programmes for the staff. In the last three years the following results have been achieved:

  • 2017 AVC Central Zone Men’s Volleyball Championships – Bronze, first international Men’s medal in history
  • 2018 Asian Games – Rank 15th, highest result at Asian games in history of Nepal volleyball
  • 2019 AVC Central Zone Men’s Volleyball Championships – Rank 4th

Since 2019 we also started to work with the Nepali Women’s Team through coaching support and educational programmes for the staff. The following results have been achieved:

  • 2019 AVC Central Zone Women’s Volleyball Championships – Silver, highest result on history of the Women’s Team

Due to COVID-19 no activities have been exploited in 2020. As soon as the situation improves we will continue to focus on strengthening the Women’s Team.

Coaching Support
In cooperation with the FIVB and NVA we have initiated educational programmes for coaches and teachers. Dutch elite instructors have run FIVB Level 1 and 2 courses, which have been completed by 50 Nepali coaches.

School programmes
Children in Nepal love to play volleyball. In many schools it is not a common sport in the Physical Education curriculum. NVA and Nevobo have started school programmes to educate teachers and inspire kids to play volleyball. Since 2017 the following results have been achieved:

  • 30 school visits and volleyball programmes
  • 1000 balls provided
  • 50 nets provided
  • 2000 children participated
  • 100 teachers participated
  • 2019 World School Volleyball Championships – first participation in history of Nepal volleyball by New Diamond School

Girls Empowerment
Volleyball is a social sport and every team member is equal. The situation of girls in Nepal differs from that: they have a reduced chance to get education and to build up an independent future. They face arranged marriages at young age and depend financially and socially on their husband. We developed the Volleyball4Life programme that helps to develop life skills, that are essential to take responsibility of your own life. This programme is initiated by one of the most successful female volleyball players of Nepal: Kopila Upreti. Since the start of Volleyball4Life in 2019, the following results have been achieved:

  • 196 girls empowered
  • 1100 community members reached
  • 21 trained local coaches, young leaders and mentors
  • Volleyball4Life Coaches Manual developed
  • 3 established long-term partnerships with National Governing Organisations (NGO’s)
  • 1 fulltime Volleyball4Life coordinator appointed in Nepal

Watch the short video and see how the girls experience the programme.

More information
For more information about our work in Nepal, please contact Sport Development Manager Peter van Tarel (+31 6 239 091 37) or email to: